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She Serves With The Magical Sounds of A Harp

--by SissyLee, posted Apr 25, 2017
Today I played my harp at the hospital for three patients at their bedsides. I played a piece called "Flight of the Heron" for one man. He told me the heron was his favorite bird. He put his tv on a nature channel with no sound as I played.

Another man I played for was a harmonica player. So we had playing "the harp" in common. I watched his blood pressure fall as I played and he fell asleep.

They tell me how grateful they are that I come, but I am so deeply rewarded by serving.
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mindyjourney wrote: How lovely to picture you, helping heal with your harping 🎶!! Thank you for giving of your talent to those in need. This just sooo makes me happy! (saw a heron fly overhead today!!!)
balou wrote: music is a wonderful language, which has healing - or at least soothing - powers :-) Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with people who need it!
SissyLee wrote: It is a deeply moving thing to share. I am so happy to do so. This hospital is committed to having music available. I hope it keeps spreading.
Alisamom wrote: That's lovely of you, thank you
Mish wrote: Beauty-full Service ❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for sharing your talent to others. It will all work out for you.

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