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She Received Someone Else's Mail, But Turned It Into an Opportunity For a Random Act Of Kindness

--by greenurlifenow, posted Apr 28, 2017
I was processing our incoming mail at work today, and there was a piece of mail that had the wrong address on it, and it was sent to my office by mistake.

It looked to be a utility payment that someone was mailing to their gas company. I called the company to verify their mailing address, and I will correct the address on the envelope and send it off in the postal mail.

I spoke to the woman at the gas company and asked her to contact the sender (name was on the envelope) to advise customer of the correct address, so this doesn't happen again. She said she would, but she said that it was up to the customer to make sure they used the right address. I told her that I was trying to do a good deed to help the customer, who just happened to use the wrong address and whom I do not know at all.

Think I did the right thing.
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autumnsky38 wrote: That was kind of you!
dandeliongirl wrote: you did great.
horsegirl21 wrote: nice of you
mindyjourney wrote: Good for you! Thank you :))
Mish wrote: You done good!! 👍
leoladyc728 wrote: sweet of you to do so

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