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Her eight-year-old son didn't want to leave anyone out since he knows how that feels

--by KayStarr6, posted May 20, 2017
My eight-year-old son wanted to make goody bags for all the residents of a nearby nursing home. He didn't want to leave anyone out as he knows what it is to be left out (he has Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Autism, feeding tube dependent, as well as many other things so he's left out a lot).

So he wanted to make sure we did something for everyone. We live on a fixed income so we had to do some bargain shopping but, we made up 150 bags for them. We also included some fake roses for the nurses. I am so proud of my son.
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cabbage wrote: What a beautiful heart you and your son have---you are both kindness angels! Thank you so much for sharing. Big hugs
Curran wrote: Wow! You have done a wonderful job raising your son. Thank you
sandra wrote: This family knows how to give generously to those less fortunate - both the instance of the son giving stuffed animals, and now giving to those in nursing homes - shows the son and mother follow god's way. They surely will be blessed. Thank you for sharing both stories of kindness
Tamara wrote: It's so awesome to see such wonderful acts of kindness. You should be so proud of your son and i'm sure there's no greater feeling than knowing you've made a difference or brightened someone's day - just because. Thank you for allowing me and my family to see such wonderful acts of kindness. I often find the best way to teach my children is by showing them and this is perfect.
Virginia Reeves wrote: Bravo to mom and son for such compassion and kindness. Having worked in a retirement home i know how excited residents get when something out of the ordinary brings smiles into their days.
Bonnie wrote: What a wonderful deed! Your son is a very kind person. Well done to you both!
AndiCas wrote: Brilliant son you have there! Those look amazing, and so many!
carolyn scott wrote: What a great family you are, and you're an amazing mom too! Thanks for making this world better.
autumnsky38 wrote: Aww, bless his heart. You must be so proud of him! I'll keep you guys in my prayers, btw. I hope your little guy gets better with his health issues, too. PS No one will ever "hate you" here on KS, hon. (((Hugs)))
Marleen wrote: What a precious soul! 😍🙏😇

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