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He Refused Her Offer to Play the Harp For Three Weeks But Softened When He Accidantly Heard It

--by SissyLee, posted Apr 29, 2017
Monday I went to a nursing home where hospice has a number of people and yesterday I went to the hospital's oncology wing and played my harp at the bedside. I go both places each week. There was one man at the nursing home who has refused my offer for the last 3 weeks. His roommate always asks if I will play for him. As he is not part of the hospice I volunteer for, I move on to find those who are first.

This week my schedule wasn't so rushed so after the refusal, I did sit down and play for the roommate. My back was to the hospice patient. After 1/2 hour, I got up and saw the hospice patient with his mouth open in awe. He couldn't thank me enough.

The nurse caught me in the hall and told me he was a terribly tough nut to crack, that it was so good for him to experience this. She had been in there too, and I didn't know it. I am so glad I had the time and even more grateful for the persistence of the roommate, who I believe was a bit of an angel, unintentional or not.
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imyneshima wrote: Nice work Sis ;)) always impressed with your work
josietn wrote: God bless you for sharing your talents in such an awesome way!
Rajni wrote: Trust god he delivers at the right time. Thank him for sending you at the right time at the right place. We thank you for your inspiring act and posting here to inspire others. May god bless you with may more opportunities.
Melnotes wrote: Beautiful story and music is such a powerful tool. Hopefully this man can continue to enjoy your harp playing on other visits and find the peace and joy in what is a beautiful instrument :)
Mish wrote: Sacred for him, I believe. Wow.
healingtree wrote: So very beautiful to read this and know it happened. Thank you for offering healing music, such an intrinsic, powerful spirit-touch.♥
lt33 wrote: That's great wow 3 weeks it was your kindness of time that showed this guy u would be back + care 😃💜😉
John74 wrote: That is beautiful!! Thank you.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for sharing your talents and love with others.
horsegirl21 wrote: Thank you for sharing your gift

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