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I Put Down My Magazine

--by Mish, posted May 7, 2017
Sitting in the waiting room yesterday at the doctor's office, two women were fidgety and impatient. There was a long wait and their unrest was palpable. I was trying to stay focused on a magazine article that really interested me, but try as hard as I could, their energy kept distracting me. I knew I should put my magazine down and 'Mishize' them, but had been resisting because I was so enjoying my read.

Anyway, to make a short story long, (laughing out loud) I put down my read, smiled at them, engaged them in conversation. Trying to help the nervous woman feel calmer and trying to change the focus of the other woman who was a constant complainer. I centered myself in Light and spoke kindly.

I find it so difficult to be around complainers. It so tries my patience. At one point, I told the complainer "a watched pot never boils" when she kept popping up to check on who was next to see the doctor. I don't know if she "got it", but it did make me chuckle. The other woman smiled at me and said thank you. I was called in first and as I was leaving the complainer saw me, smiled and waved. My magazine article waited for me.

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Readers Comments

mindyjourney wrote: Tx for focusing on the situation being diffused with your intent and enegy :)))))
kjoyw wrote: A difficult situation so well handled by you! You really did help calm at least one of the women and you kept your cool. Also get frustrated with complainers. Most folks are a bit uneasy at doctore' offices. Guess they just need Mishinizing!
vitalreiki wrote: Kind distraction, love it xx
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for trying to calm these women down. How did the dr. appt. go?
healingtree wrote: Lovely action and the way you describe your process is helpful too.

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