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A Free Movie Ticket For A Stranger

--by greenurlifenow, posted May 5, 2017
I had the good fortune to recently receive a free double movie pass through a contest. I was not able to find a friend who wanted to join me for the screening tonight, so I was planning to go alone.

My plan was to ask the ticket person at the box office to give the extra ticket to someone who came to buy a ticket for that same screening. Went I went to the theatre, there were two women ahead of me in line. I heard one lady ask for a ticket for the same movie I was seeing. I offered her the extra free ticket. She was happily surprised and accepted. She offered to buy me a treat, like popcorn, but I said No.

I asked her to Pay it Forward and she said she would. I'm so happy that I was able to offer this ticket to her. It made us both feel good.
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leoladyc728 wrote: glad the woman could enjoy the screening. thank you for your kindness
splain wrote: Nice one
AndiCas wrote: What a great way of making use of it.
mindyjourney wrote: Perfect opportunity to share your win! A win/win!! :))) Thank you!
Mish wrote: Well done!!
SissyLee wrote: Lovely!

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