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Being Kind To Someone It's Hard To Be Kind To

--by newdayvow, posted May 14, 2017
Lately my housemate has been host to a friend and her young daughter, who has woken me up multiple times in the past week with her screams and cries. With no children of my own, I didn't think I'd have to deal with this type of alarm clock, and it has been quite frustrating.

But I know it must be hard on the child to be sleeping on a couch and not at home in her bed. So last night I practiced the Idea of the Week, "Be kind to someone who is hard to be kind to." After she had recovered from a tantrum, I invited her to help me clean up my bedroom a little.

I taught her how to fold t-shirts and thanked her for a job well done. Then we played some catch, acted out 3 Little Pigs, and I let her borrow my colored pencils to do some coloring. I'll admit she is pretty cute when engaged in more than watching My Little Pony.
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kiwicat wrote: We went away to the beach for a week with my friend and her two kids. The kids were awake early. Like 5. 30am and they weren't expected by their parents to be quiet either so woke up the whole house. I understand your frustrations! I'm glad you reframed the situation and turned it around a bit. Fully sympathies!
cathleenchesnut wrote: Beautiful. I believe you helped a little one to feel safe and valued. Nice act of kindness💐
Alisamom wrote: Very well done, thank you. :))))
gardengal10 wrote: You gave her a much better distraction. Kudos to you.
mindyjourney wrote: That's how we redirect focus and build connection :)). Well done!
kjoyw wrote: Well done. Bless you.
horsegirl21 wrote: nice job with the little one
splain wrote: You took the time to connect with this little girl. It worked so well.
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for turning things around with this child
Mish wrote: You transformed the way she was affecting you with for both of you too. Well done!!👍👍👍

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