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Caught in an Act of Kindness

--by greenurlifenow, posted May 12, 2017
Today, as I was walking home after work, I walked by a parking meter that only had a few minutes of time left on it. I decided to put a coin or two in the meter, to add some time to the meter, so that the person did not get a ticket for an expired meter.

As I was doing this, a couple of men walked towards me. It looked like one of them had a oxygen tank. One of the men asked me if I was putting money in his meter. I said, "Yes." He seemed surprised, in a good way.

It was just a fluke that he came out right then, just as I was putting money in the meter. A few seconds later, and he would have missed me. Serendipity!
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mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being the serendipitous connect at the meter today :)))
lt33 wrote: Neat connection 😉
Novice50 wrote: Caught in a kindness act!
kjoyw wrote: Whatba wonderfully kindnthing to do! And ai'm not convinced it was a "fluke"!
leoladyc728 wrote: good way to show kindness
splain wrote: That was so good of you to do
Mish wrote: I love this :))))
horse-friend wrote: Love that idea! We do not have a lot of those here, but the idea is beautiful.

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