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Seventh Graders Hold Bake Sales For Their Friend

--by LiliAB, posted May 19, 2017
Colby has Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. His social and school relationships are increasingly limited to those times when he is well enough to join his classmates in the 7th-grade classroom, using a stander that he has outgrown. Born addicted to opiates, he has a wonderful foster family that has cared lovingly for him his entire life.

The 34 students in his Positive Psychology class recently held ten days of bake sales during a myriad of after school activities, manned each day by a different team of 3-4 students along with Mrs. Mc Bryant, their devoted instructor.

Through their efforts, $1,950 dollars have so far been raised, enough for a suitably larger stander for Colby to use when he comes to the school site. Friends "standing up for Colby", a living lesson in kindness.
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KayStarr6 wrote: That is such a heart warming story. I love hearing stories of acceptance :)
Bonnie wrote: Wonderful deed by some caring classmates.
Virginia Reeves wrote: Those classmates have displayed the true source of friendship: acceptance and caring. Bravo to them and the lesson they will remember and carry through with them in the years to come.
RoseMarie wrote: What great peers x
Annc wrote: This is an awesome story of kindness. The memories and lessons learned will stick with these kids forever. What a wonderful class!
autumnsky38 wrote: Oh that's so great, Lili. So happy for him.
mindyjourney wrote: Such a kinder world! Blessing to all the students and to Colby :)).
dotmatrix wrote: Such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing Liil. ♥.
Mish wrote: Beyond AWESOME!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
AndiCas wrote: That equates to a lot of cakes sold. What a brilliant initiative by those students and their teacher.

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