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Double Act With My Son

--by cabbage, posted Jul 9, 2009

Today my son and I were doing our errands together.  While shopping in the grocery store, I noticed that the guy right behind us in line only had 3 items.  We told him to go ahead of us (since our basket was pretty full) and he was pleased. 

After that we noticed that the person who was now behind us had 2 antsy children and she also only had a couple of items.  So, I told her "you go ahead of us--you only have a few things anyway."  She looked at me with great relief and said "Really?? How nice!" and went ahead.  After she checked out, she touched me on the arm and said "Thank you so much!"  I could tell how glad she was to get out of there in a hurry! 

It was the least we could do, and didn't cost us a thing except a few minutes of time which we were happy to spare! It was nice to have a "double" today! :-)

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anniejames wrote: That was a good story cabbage. Some times the little things that we do can help spreading tonnes of happiness :)
AURELIA wrote: That's fantastic.... Good for you. I've often said to the person, by the time I load the belt with my items, you'll be all checked out....and I let them go ahead of me...All Smiles of Course. :0) ~Aurelia
tressyanne wrote: awesome!!!!!!!!
i have been in that woman's position before and just knowing that someone cared enough to send a little help your way, makes a world of difference.
:) smiles to you
SANYOGITA wrote: A small act can also give you larger happiness.Good Job.
Modestobob wrote: Always a nive gesture and always so appreciated too! Great job cabbage! :) ~ModestoBob

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