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One Happy Lady in London

--by gianjot, posted Jul 8, 2009

This afternoon on the train to London a lady came by asking for money.  She said she had had children spitting at her and she had tried so hard to do the right thing. 

Normally I would have given her £2 but today I gave her £20.  The joy on her face was lovely to see.  She said she couldn't believe it.  She would be able to get a room in a hostel, have a meal and a shower. 

This made me feel happy, but really it is all of you who should feel happy because all your stories and comments you made on mine and each others' that has had such an impact on my life and changed my attitude so much.  

I sincerely thank you all, and if that lady knew she would too. 

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iferlamb wrote: Very kind of you! You all help me more than i ever realized too. Sincerely, thank you!

anniejames wrote: That was really really very nice of you,, super cool
helpinghand wrote: Really You are Quite Soft Hearted.
GOD Bless You.
Grammagussie wrote: How kind you are to donate so the lady could have a plesent experience. I'm so glad you reaped the rewards of giving to someone in

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