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Proud Moment Witnessing Shy Daughter's Kindness

--by Alisamom, posted Jun 8, 2017
Today at the store my 16 yo daughter, who is very shy and has high anxiety, noticed that an elderly woman had trouble inserting her coin into the shopping cart. My daughter watched for a moment and then asked the woman if she'd like to take the cart that already had a coin in it and which my daughter was returning.
I'm so happy that she's getting brave enough to offer help to strangers!
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Rajni wrote: Seeds of kindness planted today will grow into big fruitful tree. Thanks alisamom for this inspiring post.
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness confidence!!! Yes!! Congrats to daughter and to you for noticing and encouraging.
dotmatrix wrote: ♥ Beautiful kindness. ♥.
savraj wrote: Wow, this was so thoughtful of your daughter!
kjoyw wrote: She has been raised very well!
leoladyc728 wrote: you are rubbing off on her. YAY
splain wrote: So like her mama !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Balou wrote: She's got you as a great example ... ;-) ... but yes, it's great that in kindness to others she can overcome her own fears!
Mish wrote: Excellent. Great progress!!! Bless ❤️
pyronik wrote: yay :-)

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