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A KindSpring Member Helped Her With Her Fear Of Flying

--by healingtree, posted Jun 22, 2017
Being able to create random and intentional acts of kindness for others is one of my great pleasures these days. Though I did things before, with KindSpring I have learned a new joy with it, and a sense of its being as important an activity as you believe it to be. If no one knows what we get up to, all the better! We come here anonymously to share in order to encourage each other on, and that works a treat. I am inspired by others and get a lot of new ideas too.

Which brings me, as so often happens in KS, to Mindy a member of KindSpring.

From a private remark Mindy was aware of the fact that I am a nervous flyer, to say the least. It's been 25 years since I've flown. Though originally from Florida, as most of you know, I have flown back there only that once. Family and friends from the US who want to see me quite simply must decide to fly over here to do so. Thankfully, for those of who do it is a vacation they look forward to.

As with all true phobias, I have some serious reasons behind it, but it is also true that the origins of the phobias (and it is a mix, not just fear of flying) occurred a long time ago. When my daughter moved last year to Melbourne, Australia with her wonderful partner and our totally awesome young grandson of 1 and 1/2, I knew I might have to start rethinking my flight resistance. And then she and Kai decided to get married on a Greek island, Kastellorozo, which is a 4 hr flight from here, in the UK, and a 4-hr ferry ride to the island. Of course I was going to attend my daughter's wedding! She would feel quite disappointed if I did not. No matter what, I decided to throw everything on the table, and go. But how to handle the flight?

To keep this brief, let me just say Mindy suggested that she herself makes her origami Peace doves and frogs while traveling, and it helps pass the time as well as gives opportunities to meet or connect with people. She also makes her bracelets. I have recently, with a great deal of encouragement from Mindy, been trying to learn to make Peace doves and 'bravelets', but my progress is not yet great. But I had decided that an excellent coping technique for my traveling anxieties would be to consider ways to give to others as I go from here to there---and even when I am "there". I will continue to try to learn origami and bravelet making on the plane, but I received today a beautifully unexpected Random Act Of Kindness from KS members Mindy and Rajni, who sent me enough doves and Kindness quote cards all shiny and ready to go, so that, as Mindy put it, "you'll be stocked for your trip in June." She added, "How exciting and wonderful your wings will carry you to some amazing adventures."

This surprise gift is so delightful and I find myself getting excited about all the traveling and the opportunities to be of some service to others. Mindy's words of encouragement has increased my confidence tremendously, too. And then it occurred to me that a week or so ago when I was getting a photo printed of her great-grandson on a biggish board for my mother, as a Mother's Day present, I found a heap of little tin boxes on sale for practically pennies---and liked the messages on them so bought up quite a few. There was "It's All Going to be Okay" and "Follow your Heart", "Be strong", "Be Free", "Be Wise".... It just seemed that one way of another these boxes will come in handy as a way to do a few RAOK. And now I am thinking I can bring a few along on the trip, all ready prepared with dove and quotes inside, along with a few other little free or inexpensive items, like a small scented soap, and perhaps change for coffee, and give some of these away too. I will rely on the Spirit of Love to direct me to the right person or place to gift it or leave to be found.

From being terrified of the upcoming trip, I am, for now anyway, having the time of my life! And actually looking forward to the experience. Will keep you updated! May anyone reading this be blessed and enjoy a day filled with many ordinary joys, generosity of spirit, hugs, laughter, and whenever possible, a sense of loving contentment. And if no one else has told you this yet today, I love you!!!! xxx

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LiliAB wrote: Well done brave traveler. You are in my thoughts 🤗💞
LiliAB wrote: Sending you a virtual hug. Well done brave traveler
Balou wrote: A great post! Thank you for sharing it! Each of us who has got panic attacks and/or phobias surely can rely!
And yes, thinking of something else soes help ...
So happy you'll be attending the wedding of your daughter - and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!
When will you be leaving?
Wishing you & your family a beautiful time filled with lots of kindness and laughter!
kjoyw wrote: Bless you for working through these phobias through the love you have for your daughter and her family and through sharing kindness along the way. I know how hard it can be to push through these very real fears. Hope so much you are very proud of yourself! And spreading kindness along the way, is the way many of us travel and these connections made along the way are amazing!
autumnsky38 wrote: So happy for you, healingtree, that you've been able to focus on the positive and you get to feel excited about your trip now! I hope you have a great time and that your daughter's wedding is beautiful! (((Hugs))) to you. 😊
debbe530 wrote: Thank you for sharing this, healingtree. I am not a nervous flier. I don't get to do it very often. But when I do I enjoy the connection with people in airports and on the plane and doing small acts of kindness along the way. I usually have a bag full of smile packs. The flight attendants really love them. And since I require wheelchair assistance I always pack something extra for the hard-working individuals who move me from one gate to another. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding and and overcoming your fears . Have a wonderful journey.
Mish wrote: Amazing things happen when our focus changes. Amazing & TRANSFORMING. So glad for you, healingtree!!! Grateful how everyone here cares about one another & helps one another ❤️
AndiCas wrote: I so enjoyed reading this post. And those little tins do look rather sweet. I love having a little kindness treat tucked away in my bag all ready to go.
mindyjourney wrote: Your post give me happy tears, my friend ❤️. To know that you have redirected your focus to a more positive kindness such a gift to us all! Thank you for your beautiful words and reflection. Kindness really does fly on the wings of Peace! Much love and blessings wherever you are or journey ❤️.
patjos wrote: Me too, and thanks for the Love :)))

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