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Coffee Time!

--by greenurlifenow, posted Jul 3, 2017
I grabbed some breakfast on the way in to the office today. It came with a free coffee, so I gave the coffee to my coworker when I got to work.

She has helped me at work when we were short staffed in recent weeks, so it was nice to give her a treat. Remember to express gratitude to others on a daily basis and see how it makes you and the recipient feel.
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Rose-Mariexox wrote: Very thoughful thing to do :)
splain wrote: I love doing things like this. That was thoughtful and appreciative of how she had helped you
leoladyc728 wrote: nice of you to share your coffee with co-worker
mindyjourney wrote: It's always better when we share! :)))
Mish wrote: Spot on 👍

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