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Kindness Was There, Just When I Needed It to Be

--by alisamom, posted Jul 4, 2017
Today was not a good day. One of our dogs got sick last night (gee I'm posting way too much about the dogs these days!!!!) and I only got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Today my mind wasn't working. My eyes stung. My nerves were shot. My body hurt. But we had some errands to do so we went out.

By the time we got to the pharmacy I was crashing. And our pills weren't ready because the prescription had run out and in three days they hadn't been able to contact the doctor for a refill. So I stood there calling the doctors office. Again and again. And again. Their phone system wasn't working. I couldn't get through.
I wanted to scream, cry, throw stuff. I was done.

So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a minute, just breathing. Then the pharmacist called me over, past the line, and handed me enough pills to get through the weekend.
At the checkout my daughter helped me pay because I just want able to do it anymore. As we walked out, the self checkout person, who usually ignores everyone, looked at me and quietly says "You have a nice weekend". I think he saw that I needed some kind words.
And that cheered me up. Kindness is everywhere, we just need to see it.
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Readers Comments

Rose-Mariexox wrote: We all need that once in a while honey. Thank you for sharing:)
healingtree wrote: That's a lovely moment when we find kindness where least expected. Sounds a frustrating day. A good nigt's sleep and it will all behind you!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for allowing the receiving of kindness ❤️. Rest well and better tomorrow, my friend.
Pyronik wrote: Big hugs. Sorry to hear things are tough. Well done on stopping to breathe & the seeds of kindness you've sown that've made their way back to you.
splain wrote: Sometimes things just are overwhelming . Go good that they could help you out. The self checkout person saw you needed a few lovely words.
leoladyc728 wrote: Hope you got some rest and your nerves settled down.
horsegirl21 wrote: kindness when we are not expecting it, nice. I hope you are feeling better, hugs to you.
Mish wrote: Dealing with your Senior dogs condition is a huge "heart tugger " & coupled with the stress from your other dog getting ill, would wear me down similarly. Lack of sleep can so weaken our coping ability as well. Be gentle with yourself, Heike.
kjoyw wrote: So glad that kind pharmacist helped you out! And, you are so right! There is kindness all around us. So glad you were so open to receiving it when you really needed it. Hope today is better for all, including the doggies!

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