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Seeing Each Other

--by AndiCas, posted Jul 19, 2017
I spent most of yesterday at a clinic having various medical tests. It was a private clinic and so there was no discussion of the results. The staff were polite and efficient and very good at what they did. So efficient in fact that I felt like a package to be processed and came away feeling hollow and empty and really really lonely even though I'd come into contact with many people.

Later, at the supermarket, there was a man begging. Maybe it was my frame of mind which encouraged me to give to him, as I don't commonly in such situations. I gave him a small banknote. Later, when I was returning my trolley, I couldn't see the line. He caught my eye and pointed it out to me. Do you know, in a whole day interacting with people, I felt that he was the only one to 'see' me all day. He cracked some sort of dam in me and I cried and cried out all my stresses and fears in the car.

We need each other. Not just to be efficient, and to get things done, but to recognize each other as human beings with a smile or a touch or a kindness.
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cabbage wrote: Sending you big big hugs. And may we all see ourselves in each other.
balou wrote: First of all, i do hope your results will be good ones! I'll be thinking of you!
. And i am sorry you had to go through this day. Yes,i have had similar experiences: friendly, polite and efficient yet "absent" people who only see you as the"case" and not as a human being with whom they can interact. Maybe it's a kind of security blanket for them, i don't know.
But your interaction with the homeless man was therefore all that more important. . Even though crying sometimes has a bad reputation my experience is that it can be cathartic. Releasing your fear.
I'm thinking of you, keep us up to date please!
littlegirdie wrote: Recognizing yourself, be the one who's kind to all you meet and greet, it's infectious.
leoladyc728 wrote: so sorry your day was such a tough one. I know the waiting for test results can be difficult. These doctors and nurses in the clinic need to be more compassionate to the people they serve
kjoyw wrote: This kind of a situation is always a tough one for me and I do so regret that you had to go through this feeling rather invisible. It's tough enough when you are noticed and treated individually as a person, not just a patient. These folks, though I'm sure they are highly competent, need a little work on their approach. So glad you were able to release these feelings through your tears. Find that this can happen in medical situations. They do this all day long everyday, but for most of us it is a rare occurrence. Will envision very best outcomes for you and sending you the Light of Peace. ✨✨✨
kjoyw wrote: you are somright. We need that human contact. Glad you could make connection with that man. He must have sensed a lonely feeling in you.
RoseMarie wrote: Hoping good news with blood tests and I so identify with your connection with the man who was begging x big hug to yiu Andrea x
horse-friend wrote: Thanks for being so brave to share that. I really enjoyed reading your exprience. I am recently meeting a friend, who is such a great listener. He grants me exactly the feeling you discribe... being seen. It is so precious. And to allow it to touch us is bold and couragous. Thanks for doing it and sharing it.
Rajni wrote: Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience. Hope others get inspired by your kindness to follow suit.
bugfrogmom wrote: What a wonderful experience at the supermarket for you both...thank you for giving so much of yourself. Happy Valentine's Day!

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