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The Kind Man

--by mindyjourney, posted Jul 8, 2017
The kind man, who noticed that an elder woman was struggling to find a suitable place to rest her husband's wheelchair and sit beside him got up, moved his chair and offered his spot. And then his wife offered her chair to the woman.

I was so moved that I gave him a Peace dove in appreciation for his kindness.

He seemed a little embarrassed, but accepted my thanks, saying, "Well, we all need some extra kindness now and then!" and put the dove in his jean pocket.

I'm smiling still.

There are so many instances of these magical moments, my kind friends, and they are so more often than not. Take notice and appreciate. It so brings more kindness into being!

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Parul wrote: Story of the kind
And wisest man

sailormarypatten wrote: Recently i stumbled across the kindest man who offered his sentimental gourd to me. Took my breath away look forward to paying it forward.
Madronaman wrote: Nice job encouraging him!
leoladyc728 wrote: so love the quote. so important to have compassion and love for others.
KMbhai wrote: Wonderful. Thanks friend.
splain wrote: There are a lot of good people around
Pyronik wrote: There is kindness everywhere once we open our eyes to it :-)
Mish wrote: Always kind folks doing kind things...always has been & always will be. One simply needs eyes to see. _/\_
kjoyw wrote: So many kind people nd kindnesses all around us everyday!
autumnsky38 wrote: Aww that's so great. I love seeing other people's kind actions--it's wonderful. ❤️😊❤️

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