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Hammock City!

--by MadronaMan, posted Jun 21, 2017
Early last winter, while hunting for madrona trees along the top of a wooded cliff in the local state park, I came across a series of fishing nets strung between trees. As someone who looks at knotwork as an art form, it was like finding a wonderland of possibilities! I immediately set about connecting the various nets together so you could climb from one to the other without touching the ground (because when the the kids show up, it might become lava or some other imaginary hazard!) I brought my kids there soon after, and they loved it!

In later visits, I rigged more and higher nets, swings to get up to them, and other fun items made of rope. Here's where the kindness aspect comes in, because I have been putting time and money into a public playground that could be taken down by park rangers at any time. I even asked some of the ex-fishermen in our tugboat fleet if they knew how to make fishing nets. Just two weeks ago I joined my tug in a training capacity in preparation for taking command and finally got to work with an ex-fisherman who knew how to make nets. Many hours and 1000ft of paracord later, I now have an additional net to improve safety, which will then allow me to create more aerial attractions above the enlarged safety net.

I've been inviting other interested grownups to come to with us to the "secret" location. A few visits back we were literally hanging out when a group of young adults showed up. The more people know about this place, the more likely it will be discovered by the wrong people and taken down. But then more people get to enjoy it! Until then, I will continue put time and money into improving it and bringing my kids there to have fun!

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LiliAB wrote: Invite me please. 🤗
Madronaman wrote: It's unlikely in our litigious society that a public space like this would ever allow such a place. It is use at your own risk, but I am committed to making it safe. My children have a way of finding all the parts that are not safe for me, which is why I made the new net!
Mish wrote: You are awesome 👍👍👍
Annabella wrote: Amazing! :)
AndiCas wrote: If it becomes popular enough, perhaps there is an opportunity to get permission somewhere approved?
mindyjourney wrote: Wow! lots of intricate work there :))). Can you transfer to an approved space???
pyronik wrote: looks fab! Thank you :-)
Balou wrote: would have loved such a playing field :-))
leoladyc728 wrote: looks like fun

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