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Little Ray Of Sunshine!

--by MSFriend, posted Jul 23, 2017
It gives me great pleasure to spend time at the assisted living facility in my town. I visit the residents and go for walks and chat with them while I'm there. The other day I walked with one of the newer residents. She recounted the day she spent with her sister outside the facility the day before.

She began to cry because she felt bad saying that she enjoyed her time out. She said if felt good to have "normal" conversation and to see "healthy" people. I consoled her as she cried and I felt compelled to help her understand that she was put in the facility to be that little ray of sunshine the rest of the residents needed.

I encouraged her to look at her glass as half full and to understand that she can turn a "bad" situation into a ministry. She was so happy after we spoke and told me I gave her a whole new perspective.  I get so much more from volunteering than I give!  
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DANCE wrote: Thank you for doing such a wonderful kind job with them
salma wrote: You did a amazing work to help her keep on being the ray of sunshine to other people
michelelpurcel wrote: You are so good for all those people. :) sharing their kindness with them. And it is truly amazing how when you help others it all comes back to your heart. :)
AndiCas wrote: It's all in the perspective, isn't it? Thankfor you for being an open ear for this lady.
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for encouraging her to redirect her focus onto a more postive one!
pyronik wrote: that's a great way to help her be more herself again. An attitude like that needs upkeep though, I hope you get to encourage her again :-)
leoladyc728 wrote: it sounds so worth while.
autumnsky38 wrote: Aww, you are a ray of sunshine yourself!
kjoyw wrote: So nicely done! You validated her feelings and helped her find a purpose to be where she is!
ms_joy wrote: How wonderful that you helped her to notice another view and allow her inner light to shine again! What a gift you shared! :) This reminds me of one of my favorite book series by Andy Andrews, called "The Noticer", always teaching a new, positive perspective on their present life and turning people's lives around. Thank you! :)

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