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The Man at The Cafe Who Showered Us With Kindness

--by cabbage, posted Jun 14, 2017
I met a friend and her friend to go on a hike. After a lovely walk along beautiful trails and vistas, we decided to go for dinner and I suggested a cafe. When we entered it seemed that there were no tables or at least no space for 3 people to sit together. We looked around a bit (there were lots of people sitting solo at tables for 2) and then this gentleman came up and said if we didn't mind waiting a bit he would move his papers a bit and re-seat himself so that we could sit at his table.

We were very moved at his kind gesture and gratefully accepted. Looking a bit closer it seemed that he may have been homeless and perhaps a bit eccentric. I showed him that if he just shifted over one spot we would have plenty of room and I thanked him and asked if I could buy him a coffee---he politely refused but thanked me for the offer.

So we friends enjoyed our dinner and conversation and I went up to the counter to get dessert for us to share, and I picked out something that I thought the man could have then or take with him to eat later--a huge brownie with walnuts. When I placed it in front of him and said that it was my treat to thank him for being so kind to us, he said something about me having angel wings and I just smiled--we exchanged names and fist bumps and smiles, and then he insisted that we share the brownie with him, so I cut off a small piece and told him the rest was for him to have whenever he wanted to.

After we finished and were leaving I thanked him again by name and wished him a good evening. It was kindness all around :-)  It is also worth noting that in a cafe full of supposedly well-educated, well-heeled folks, the person who stepped up was someone who most of them would probably dismiss or ignore due to his eccentricities and appearance. The true "soul force" shines through anyone and folks who are willing and able to see that they are blessed. 
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Readers Comments

kalaa wrote: What a lovely gesture on both sides. Keep up the good work!
Pyronik wrote: Nice :-) my mum & dad once ran after a guy to return a bag he'd left on a train (in different times). She said he was grateful & invited them out to an expensive restaurant as a thankyou. She said he looked so shabby she felt bad accepting but he insisted. Turns out he was really rich businessman & travelled shabby to feel safe from getting stuff stolen.
Pyronik wrote: You can never tell by looking. Am happy to hear about all the kindness in your story :-)
DANCE wrote: wonderful kindness, that is the magic of cafe kindness, you never know what may happen, one of my favourite places....
splain wrote: Lovely feel to your post
Lilijourney wrote: This capture of your encounter gives me a huge smiley face 😁
Mish wrote: This has so moved me. Eyes filled with tears. Followed by smile in my heart ❤️.
mindyjourney wrote: Have often found that is the case...those with very little (materially) are open to sharing the most :)). Thank you for your kind givng and heart, my friend.
kjoyw wrote: Delightful story! So much kindness!
leoladyc728 wrote: beautiful day

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