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Hospital Harp Adventures

--by SissyLee, posted Jul 18, 2017
My baby harp and I journeyed to the surgical floor this week. "Come on in!," said the first person, who was going home that day. He had had a successful surgery and he and his wife were very happy. I played quicker, happy music to send them home with songs in their hearts. The room felt like a party.

The second person was an elderly woman and she shared with me that her husband played guitar for their church. She had a slight southern accent and loved all music and hymns in particular. I played "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" and she told me they had the kids in Sunday school sing it first thing. She loved it all and shut her eyes and smiled in delight. She had her curtains open to a view of the woods and river. After I played she said, "Honey, God gave you a gift. Never suppress it. Use it to the fullest." Her words were music to my ears! I left her a dove made out of a hymnal page and she couldn't have been more thrilled.

I played for a younger woman who fell sound asleep to lullabies. I tried to leave quietly and did manage to leave a Mindy dove and a Rajni card by her water. 
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autumnsky38 wrote: I love your stories, SissyLee. And how wonderful that you received such encouragement! ♥️😊❤️😊
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful day of music and healing
Lilijourney wrote: Are you a CMT?
Lilijourney wrote: or is it CMP? Certified Music Practitioner.
splain wrote: love what you do
Mish wrote: Truly, a gift. ❤️
Bearfootin wrote: very nice
mindyjourney wrote: I so love your harping shares ❤️. Thank you! and just think, your ks posts are save here, so you have a loving record :)))

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