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She Gave Her Cleaning Lady An Incredible Gift That Will Help For Years To Come

--by DANCE, posted Jun 21, 2017
I hired a cleaning lady to help me a couple of days in the new house in order to set it all up. She is from Eastern Europe and speaks hardly any English.

I’ve been thinking how difficult it probably is for her to get a job and when she does not to lose it. I noticed communicating what one wants her to help with is not easy, so I decided to offer her the chance to join one of the courses I teach for beginners for 3 months. It’ll be a start and I’m sure she’ll learn some basic language to support her search for work. Let’s see what she says.
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leoladyc728 wrote: is she going to take you up on the offer
ms_joy wrote: A beautiful gift, indeed, and life-changing gift, for sure! :)
Olive wrote: Good! This act is very valuable
LiliAB wrote: What a kind offering.
splain wrote: Fantastic offer and this could change her life.
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful kindness!
Mish wrote: That's beautiful kindness! Bless you ❤️
SissyLee wrote: I can only imagine how hard it must be to be in strange land and not understand anyone. One would feel so alone and isolated. Bless you for reaching out.
mindyjourney wrote: Yes!!! Perfect kindness offer, my friend! Thank you ❤️. So hope she can do....
John74 wrote: A great way to help! Thank you!

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