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It All Started With Her Young Son's Bicycle Tire

--by Subh, posted Dec 11, 2017
When you are kind, the world becomes kind. This was my son's experience last week. He went out biking but as soon as he was out on the track, the tire gave way. While he was struggling, a stranger stopped by to help him carry the bike home and while they were doing so, a lady in a car saw them and offered to give them a ride home. These two encounters left my son in awe for the world. He was beaming and couldn't stop saying: "People are really good!"

He in turn wanted to do something nice the next evening. On our return home from the temple, we picked up two boxes of doughnuts, one for our friend's daughter and the other for my son. As soon as my husband and I handed him the doughnuts, he went around the car park offering one to each cleaner and helper.

That spontaneous act of kindness made us parents very happy. :)
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Rajni wrote: The power of positive thinking gives positive results. So when we are looking for kind acts with full faith in it, we find one. When we hear from young one about kindness , future humanity shines brighter. Thanks for sharing this very inspiring article.
glenystas wrote: What a lovely gesture
cat wrote: Kindness is contagious. Let it be a boomerang!
kalaa wrote: Kudos on bringing up a son with such a kind heart.
Keshavarao wrote: Wonderful act of kindness by your child congratulations for all who gave grater experiences for child to be kind and crated wonderful kindness environment which going to multiple effect.
kjoyw wrote: Oh those ripples of kindness are So wonderful!
Mish wrote: Yes, kindness is truly contagious :)))
SissyLee wrote: Beautiful.
leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful kindness towards your son
pyronik wrote: that's great :-)

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