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Teaming Up With My Son

--by cabbage, posted Jul 24, 2009

My son and I were at the grocery store together and as usual, he raced in ahead of me to go see what they were "sampling" that day.  I pulled out a cart and offered it to an elderly couple who were waiting behind me.  Well, once I went in and was doing my shopping, my son came up to me and told me, "You know what, there was a lady in a wheelchair shopping and she wanted to get her little boy a cup of milk, so I poured it and gave it to him!!"  I felt so happy that he took advantage of the opportunity to find someone to help! :-) 


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SANYOGITA wrote: Great Teaching 4 youngsters.keep it up.
wayfarer wrote: Cabbage, I told my children that the thing I wanted most for them, the thing that would make me proudest and happiest, would be that they should grow up kind. Sounds like you got my wish!
JuneBug wrote: Sounds like son has a great teacher!!! :)
FairyBubbles wrote: Well done, you've done a great job - that sure was a lovely moment.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Kids pay attention more than we know. What a great example you have obviously set for yours!
Grammagussie wrote: Kudos to you Cabbage, You have taught him service and the joy of it. thanks for sharing
AURELIA wrote: How very've raised a "kind Child" I'm proud of you and I Thank You. :0) ~Aurelia

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