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Roses From A Gentle Bear

--by SissyLee, posted Jul 6, 2017
Down the street from where I live, an elderly, big ol' gentle bear of a man lives with his wife and their dachshund, Stella. We have waved at each other in passing for ten years but never spoke until two days ago. I always wanted to talk to him because he has little grave markers for his dogs in the yard and he even likes the same congressman as me, which is something I found out through a yard sign.

My dog, Clary, and I walked by last Friday when the man waved. He was fussing with his rosebushes and he summoned me over, saying that he wanted to give me one of the roses to gift to my husband. He added that he loves to cut them for his wife, and told me that they had been married for 50 years. I told him that my husband Tom and I have been together for 30 years and he looked at me with a whole new admiration. "Don't see that much any more," he said.

We talked about our family marriage histories and he told me he came from a family of 15 kids. His parents divorced, the kids scattered, and he went to live and work on a dairy farm in Idaho for room and board. He shared his secrets to a good marriage: not going to bed mad, kissing and making up, and bringing each other roses. I was so entranced by his sweet manner and the smell of the big rose, which he also had clipped all the thorns off of, that he went and got me another and clipped its thorns too. I couldn't stop smiling and he saw how sincerely touched I was and smiled back so happily. Stella was racing around the yard like a goof and Clary Sage, my old dog, watched her. The memory is still making my day and my husband, Tom's, day too.
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Mish wrote: So full of joy and love!! Was such a besity-full connect between all (dogs too) of you! Thanks for sharing this here, I am smiling so! ❤️❤️❤️🌹🐶👍
Mish wrote: BEAUTY, not besity! Spellcheck :)))))))))
Lilijourney wrote: This is my start of my KS day brightener.
mindyjourney wrote: Such a lovely connect and how beautiful his life story share and yours too ❤️. Thank you for sharing and for being YOU! 🌹
Balou wrote: What a beautiful connection!
splain wrote: What a lovely meeting and connecting, A truly lovely man. 50yrs , takes a lot of giving and loving.
leoladyc728 wrote: sounds like a beautiful conversation.
DANCE wrote: I enjoyed your story so much, so lovely all of you. I wish I could find you all down my road :-)
kjoyw wrote: Oh, what a beautifully made connection!

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