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Literacy Activity Packets For Little Children

--by kjoyw, posted Aug 5, 2017
In my recent visits to Little Free Libraries, I have noticed that, once again, the choices for young children were really in short supply. So went to the nearest Dollar Store and really stocked up with many items to put together some more literacy activity packets. I have done this in the past and, as a retired educator, I feel that having fun literacy activities for children to do in the summer months is essential. And children love to do them!

Packets will include large activity books, fun stickers to put on each page they complete, colored pencils and sharpeners, mini notebooks with there own pencils (used these little notebooks to get my 3rd graders into journaling), and some great bookmarks with drawings of animals found in this area with facts about those animals on the other side. All are sealed in a baggie and tied up with a Mindy dove. One done, several to go.

These kinds of literacy activities definitely lead young children into reading and enhance the reading skills they may already have. However, I must add, that gathering all the materials, putting these packets together, and delivering them really brings me joy! I really love doing this! Grateful for this opportunity.

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Rick Brooks wrote: As one of the co-founders of little free library and a long time daily good subscriber, i still love seeing posts like these. Our original intent was to go beyond merely providing a place to share favorite books. Generosity,neighborliness, literacy, craft, learning, being kind and realizing how we are all so interconnected through writing, reading and meeting each other. All of those kinds of things entered into the picture and are what fuels the continued growth of the little free library movement. It's wonderful to see the sheer beauty of how such small gifts and acts can spread across cultures and miles. Thanks for your post!
Virginia Reeves wrote: Delightful idea - thanks for doing it and sharing it with others who are likely to give it a try. I buy books at garage sales or thrift stores sometimes and drop them off at latchkey programs or boys and girls clubs. I've also taken some to homeless shelters.
cabbage wrote: What a beautiful thing to do---thank you soo much for the idea! Love it! You are awesome. :-)
DANCE wrote: Wonderful gifts to encourage education
healingtree wrote: You are reaching many with this gifting, and anything like this that helps children is vital work!
Rajni wrote: We all know that empty (or idle) mind is devil's workshop. Your giving literacy activity kit will definitely keep them busy with positive impact on their mind. They will get learning and joy as well. Thanks for posting this very inspiring gift idea.
Mish wrote: Awesome idea! Really like 👍👍👍
mindyjourney wrote: And that is why your KS tag is kJOYw :))). Thank you for promoting literacy, fun and giving!!! :))))

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