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The Gift of Playing the Harp

--by SissyLee, posted Aug 14, 2017
The hospital's surgical floor gave me 4 rooms wanting harp music in my two-hour time slot. The first was a man possibly leaving that day. His wife was with him and while they very much enjoyed the music, they didn't ever seem to grasp the concept of therapeutic music and kept wondering why I wouldn't go play in the lobby for lots of people. "Because I play for people like you!" I said. They still didn't get it and the wife said it made her sleepy, which I said was a good thing, but she didn't care to be relaxing too much.

The second room was a chatty and fairly loopy 92-year-old man and his exasperated son. His son was grateful I was able to "soothe the savage beast" for a little while. The nurse who came in did not want to leave, she said.

Next came a quiet little woman who thought she might have to pay for this service. I assured her it was free and she then enjoyed the music and dozed off with a nature channel in the background.

The last was a grandmother with long wild hair. She had to video me for her grandkids. She told me no one had ever played the harp for her, ever. She had been sitting up and as I played, she said, "Excuse me -- this is so relaxing" and got under the covers. I told her I was succeeding at my job and she dozed away until I had to leave. She then came to and had to take a picture. I gave her a dove made from a hymnal and she loved the notes on the paper. She was, dare I say, shocked at this little gift and deeply touched.

The hospital gives me a free lunch after my shift, at a little organic cafe on the campus. Managed to get another dove in the tip jar.

It was a very pleasant morning, indeed.
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Kixx wrote: How fun! And so helpful, too. What a lovely "job", with an organic meal to top it all off. Kindness all around. <3
glenystas wrote: I have a friend who plays the harp at our local hospital sometimes, beautiful music.
Annabella wrote: Your music, your heart and your harp is such a gift. What a difference you make. Got teary eyed reading this. <3
leoladyc728 wrote: what a rewarding day you had
mindyjourney wrote: It's like we are with you every note of the way! Thank you, my friend, for ALL you give 🎶.
splain wrote: I so love what you do. Amazing and so calming.
ms_joy wrote: What a joyous day for you and others! I am so glad to know that you gift people with this peaceful talent of yours!
Mish wrote: Beautiful day ❤️
compassion777 wrote: this is amazing

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