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Another Flying Peace Dove Episode

--by gardengal10, posted Aug 13, 2017
I joined a friend for breakfast this morning. We had a lovely time discussing books, films, and things that make us crazy. The waitress gave us enough space and coffee. When we paid our check, I included a Mindy peace dove in the receipt folder. As we still chatted, the waitress came back holding 2 Mindy doves and asked me if I had included it.

I must had given one to her at a previous time. She said that she always carried it with her and now that she had two, she would give one to her son. Thanks to Kindspring member Mindy for all the inspiration!
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MadronaMan wrote: Those little birds are multiplying!
Mish wrote: How fantastic that is 👍👍
verityngnosis wrote: Mindy's doves on the move again. Thank you for spreading kindness.
kjoyw wrote: So great!
DANCE wrote: :-)))
leoladyc728 wrote: sounds like a fun day for you
mindyjourney wrote: Love those doves! So glad you enjoyed a nice time w/friend too :)))

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