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Harping At The Hospital

--by SissyLee, posted Sep 5, 2017
There is another harpist at the hospital where I am doing my internship. I have met and known her from harp events in town. We finally coordinated our schedules so I could do some intern days with her. The first was this last Thursday and I am grateful for all she shared and taught and the support and lack of attitude. It was good to giggle over some challenging situations with another harpist who can be a bit irreverent. She told me it was just fine to pick out hymns in the treble clef only (hymns aren't quite my forte in the talent department) and that is all she does, too. The harp will take care of the rest and simple is good by the hospital bedside.

I played for two people that day. One woman requested hymns after I played a song or two. I was queried about my faith (had I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and for how long and was I married and so forth). I do find these questions off-putting as the concern for my soul is probably unwarranted. She also insisted we pray together, which I did as a gift for her obvious need to do so. It was a prayer for my soul and my future, which was well-intended but a bit oppressive. I gave her one of my hymnal doves and that nearly broke her heart.

The next patient said I could play anything but then she too requested hymns. There was no praying or singing though, and she dozed and l played until a doctor showed up. Her room was peaceful and calm. She had a terminal disease but was at peace with her situation and going home. I left her with a dove made out of wrapping paper printed with the word "love" on it.
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ms_joy wrote: You shine your lovely light so well with your harp music! It shined even brighter when you accommodated their obvious need, based on his/her personal beliefs, even when different from your own. That is LOVE and you shine it beautifully
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your sensitive and compassionate attitude, my friend. Such delicate situations and you handle so beautifully and with a loving ❤️.
kjoyw wrote: Sacred work you are doing. Bless you.
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for sharing your talents and love
Mish wrote: How wonderful that you can coordinate with another kindness angel. ❤️😇😇❤️
balou wrote: I wasn't aware you're doing it as an internship. Glad you could connect with that other harpist!! And I agree with the others ... iT#s a truly beautiful work you're doing!

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