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Painting Rocks--labor Of Love

--by limebirdy, posted Jul 31, 2017
Greetings Everyone, and happy Friday! <3
I am one of the very fortunate individuals to be part of the Laddership internship this summer! It has been such a wonderful and nurturing experience so far--and I feel myself growing exponentially!

As a supplement to the internship, we are invited to start a project involving radical kindness. As an artist, I decided to create painted rocks and distribute them with little messages hidden under them. I haven't had the chance to give them out yet, but I will be hiding them around the Bayview district, as well as on the seats of my bus :)
Attached is a picture of my first batch, along with some of the tags I have made. In Gratitude, Isabel

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DANCE wrote: They are beautiful isabel, good work
mindyjourney wrote: Lovely rocks! I'm sort of into rocks recently too :))). Enjoy the kind give ❤️. And thank you for sharing with us!
Marleen wrote: Lovely indeed!! 😍
ms_joy wrote: Well done! Such a thoughtful craft & they are very pretty! I also started a Joy Rock activity in Eugene Oregon, a while back. There were positive affirmations on top and happy pictures. Under each one was a glued message "If you see this Joy Rock, & pick it up, it's yours to keep for "happy" luck. Make more to hide in a public place, to put a smile on someone's face." It was part of my Share JOYS Project, from 2012, which is in renewal stages right now. :)
leoladyc728 wrote: great rocks. I want to start painting some soon too
Mish wrote: How fantastic for you to be part of the Ladderdhip group, limebirdy! Love your rock creates! Awesome 👍👍
DANCE wrote: Beautiful and great to hear of your programme, well done!

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