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Harping At The Nursing Home

--by SissyLee, posted Sep 22, 2017
Nursing home Monday gifted me and my harp with three lovely listeners. I stopped in the room of the quiet and gentle woman I have played for twice before. She was sleeping but I set up anyway as I know she loves the harp. Her room mate was also with the hospice I volunteer for and I asked if she wouldn't mind and maybe she would like it as well. She told me yes, please play but she was going to be weighed soon. The weighing took about 3 minutes. My sleeping beauty slumbered as I played and my other recipient told me over and over how much she loved it and that I was just fabulous.

I happened upon another woman, dozing in front of her TV. She told me,"Why sure, I would like harp! C'mon in!" Her TV and her room mate's TV were on (the room mate wasn't there). I played through it for one piece and asked if I could turn them off for her. Oh please, she said. Phew. What a difference.

Every so often she would ask an inquiring question, "How much does that harp weigh? Are you married? How long have you been playing? Are you a Christian?" I asked her if she liked hymns and was told they were her favorite.

Once again, I have come across a woman who knew every hymn I attempted to pluck out. She sang with each one. I must learn these hymns better! When I was ready to leave, I gave her an origami peace dove made from a hymnal page and she was shocked it was for her. She held it like it was a delicate piece of china.

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denisemj wrote: This makes for a lovely day! The harp is such a beautiful instrument thank you for sharing your gift with others.
janfour wrote: I just love it so much thank you
gardengal10 wrote: Such a perfect day. How nice to meet another KS member in person.
healingtree wrote: A beautiful post in every way. So glad you could play for these receptive people and on top of that were fortunate enough to meet up with Ms Joy. The two of you are both awe inspiring. Utterly lovely.
michelelpurce wrote: How awesome of a day. You blessed many and they turned around and blessed you. :)
compassion777 wrote: wow, this is wonderful
DANCE wrote: what a beautiful thing, always playing for those people. And you met Ms Joy, what a joy :-)))
mindyjourney wrote: Oh!!! I was just wondering earlier if you and Ms_Joy had met yet :))). So glad ❤️...your harp playing is such a delight and everytime you share with us, my heart goes there too. Thank you.
Mish wrote: Way cool re sharing time w/Ms. Joy!! Two Kindness angels meet ❤️❤️
Lilijourney wrote: What a blessing you are 💞

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