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Surprise on Public Transporation

--by Ren, posted May 29, 2006
I use public transport quite often. Trains, buses, subway, trams...all of the above. I'm hardly ever able to leave books or CD's behind on the train, as they cost way too much. So I had been thinking about cheaper things to leave behind.

Yesterday as I was sitting in the train I had a big bag filled with little sachets of candy with me. I was going to give it to some younger family members, but they would never be able to eat all of it. Then I remembered I had some smile cards with me and put one of the candy sachets with a smilecard in between one of the foldable tables in front of me.

The next passenger unfolding the table would hopefully be in for a nice surprise!
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Randy wrote: Ren
that sounds like a great idea, but in today's society, would someone eat something left by a stranger?
But you know, some people might.
michelle wrote: A great leave behind can be found at BOOKCROSSING.COM it is a fun way to share books. Tuck in your smile card & soon you will make many people happy. I saw one in a Dr office - it said free book. I was curious! What a fun & inexpensive way to grow smiles
Ren wrote: yup those bookcrossing books r gr8.

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