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Hope, There's Nothing Stopping You

--by beemedha, posted Aug 16, 2009

There was about 15 of us folks chalking in front of the downtown Berkeley BART station.  We started with about ten adventurers and as the momentum increased, we gained more energy, creative inspiration, and people.  In the beginning, many pedestrians stopped by us, paused briefly out of curiousity, and for the most part remained rather perplexed by our so-called 'deviant' behavior.  However, after we chalked up some cheerful colors and phrases on the beautiful red stones in the area, people came over just to take a peek and see what adults chalkers really do. 

Folks came by with cameras. Small children pointed at us and tugged the hands of their parents to have them take a look.  This one particular man in a suit came out of the station, appearing as if he had had an exhausting day.  Yet, he managed to trudge a bit closer to us to read the writing on (well, not the wall), but yes the floor. Our eyes met, so I wanted to connect. I proceeded to ask him how his day was going? He said it was good but it had just gotten better. He had a huge smile on his face as he looked beneath his feet. He was seeing and reading and smiling all at the same time!  So I asked him to join us. The natural conditioned response of most people passing by, including him was, "no no, I don't have time but thank you and this is wonderful what you all are doing. Thank you so much."  We were about to part and so I left him with a choice and mentioned, "well its up to you." 

About 15 minutes later, I looked up and he was still around, almost mesmerized by the art.  He had talked to someone on the phone, and I surmised that perhaps he was changing his plans for the evening.  He then came over, with his change of heart, and said,
"you know, I think I do have a message after all." 

I gave him some chalk and he wrote down his own beautiful message. Now, what is yours? Grab a piece of chalk and spread the chalking spirit today!

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swanprincess wrote: Hope, how awesome, even when we feel like the world is closing in on us, we still have hope. Thanks for the reminder!
dushyant wrote: Yes these is the way to make joy and happiness to everyone,and in the life every one nedd smile.
Ssalo wrote: Woooooow. ! Its nice. I love it, god bless!
Cess wrote: That's so amazing i always rely on hope even if things are not working fine. Thats so touching. I always tell people don't let go of hope becoz it gives you the strength to keep moving when you feel like giving up. What a nice sharing!
Birene wrote: What a positive thing to do! Anything to cause someone to smile!
Harriet wrote: So simple and beautiful! I love it!

S wrote: I think that there are many times during the day when people need to hear an inspirational message. I'm glad that you provided that.
Jacinda wrote: That is an absolutely fantastic idea! I love it! Thank you for touching peoples hearts through art! Yes what a beautiful way to spread hope, joy and love! I hope you have a wonderful day! Love and smiles, jacinda
monkeyinpajamas wrote: Wow! What a beautiful chalk drawing :-) love it!

iferlamb wrote: That is awesome! I think i'll grab a couple of friends and go chalking myself!

Thank you for the excellent idea!


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