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A Relaxing Reconnection

--by RoseBeautyxo, posted Aug 8, 2017
Last summer, a girl I knew from high school suffered from a form of epilepsy where she had seizures every 10 minutes or so. She was hospitalized and was bedridden for about a year and a half. As soon as I found out her condition, I bought a gift set of lotion, shower gel and body cream of a floral scent and mailed it to her.

It had been at least six years since we lost touch but I remembered her as a very nice person and I wanted to give her a touch of happiness in this difficult time for her.
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ado wrote: That is so kind of you.
splain wrote: So kind and thoughtful. I am sure she loved hearing from you
michelelpurce wrote: How thoughtful! It would be hard to think of something you could give her that she could use and you thought of it. Great job! :)
Mish wrote: You are a kind soul. Bless you.
mindyjourney wrote: That was a very thoughtful and kind gift 🎁. Thank you!
leoladyc728 wrote: that was kind of you
royalfishlps wrote: Your name says it all, sweet friend you are.
Horse-friend wrote: Thanks for your Story of reconnecting.

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