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Kindness Angels

--by AndiCas, posted Sep 3, 2017
This week we are hosting a Permaculture Design Course at the farm. On the pinboard in the classroom each person on site has been asked to make themselves a little envelope and has been assigned a secret 'Kindness Angel' who will pop a little message or treat into their envelope at some point. Of course, it is encouraged for everyone to post messages of support to whoever they'd like, so I got the ball rolling yesterday by encouraging a small flock of peace doves to make the envelopes their temporary homes.

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gardengal10 wrote: A perfect spot for a peace dove. It looks so much at home.
mindyjourney wrote: What a great idea to foster connection and kindness in the class!! :))))). Just dovely! 🕊❤️
Rajni wrote: Like your idea to spread peace in such a nicer way.
pyronik wrote: shiny!! I love the idea :-) I hope they're all ok & getting on well (the doves & the people)
splain wrote: This is really good !!!!!!!
leoladyc728 wrote: fantastic and positive idea
kjoyw wrote: Such a fabulous idea, Andi! Everyone is bound to really love it!

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