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Hearts are Hearts

--by RoseMarie, posted Nov 1, 2017

 I have grown up in a very open society where men can walk about in shorts and no tee shirt and women can wear bikinis and so it was very unusual for me to see so many veiled Muslim women in the UAE.

Some only have their eyes uncovered. Long black Abayas touching the ground and some even wear black gloves. As this is so unusual compared to my westernised upbringing, it's easy to perceive that these females are not approachable and do not want to make contact especially with those who are not 'their own'.

Yesterday was Eid, a very important religious celebration for Muslims.  Muslims came to stay in the hotel where I am living. There were about 5 veiled Muslims in the lift with me as I was on my way to my apartment.

I approached my door and could not get the electronic key to work. I then noticed that one of the veiled ladies was my next door neighbour. Upon seeing my struggle, she came to my aid and assisted with my key. The keys are computerised and if held or stored too closely to mobile phones they do not work. I thought this was perhaps the case.

My new next door neighbour attempted to get the door open for me. She too was unable to do so. I acknowledged my appreciation to her and she returned to open her own door.

Before her door opened I had opened mine and so we smiled and acknowledged that all was good.

My friends, body language and facial expressions are very important in some cultures. Other cultures make it difficult for us to read these. Despite this people are people and hearts are hearts. Though I may not be able to see facial expressions or read body language, I can still recognise a good heart when I meet one. X

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2bkind wrote: Thank you for being a beautiful and kind human being. Love this story: hearts are hearts!
LiliAB wrote: Mubarak ''tis such a heartfelt pleasure to read your post
pyronik wrote: lovely to hear from you :-) & that you are finding kindness. How's it going over there?
cyctw wrote: What a wonderful story of kindness to share, and how we can connect with others even if we think we cannot.
AndiCas wrote: A lovely story Rose-Marie xx
SissyLee wrote: What an amazing and challenging place to be. Thank you for sharing.
horse-friend wrote: Thank you for sharing this experience. I often wonder how shocking the western life style must be for them.
splain wrote: Yes this is all a new learn. Just a small act of trying to help, makes a connection.
Alisamom wrote: Such a lovely post, thanks for sharing. A great reminder that we are all the same
leoladyc728 wrote: We have many women who are veiled in NYC. It is just part of their culture and religion. Their hearts are the same. Hugs

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