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A Few Acts Of Kindness

--by gardengal10, posted Sep 12, 2017
I want to acknowledge an act of kindness that I witnessed yesterday. It was my week to volunteer at our church food pantry. Usually, the 5th Tuesday is very slow and quiet. Not yesterday. The act of kindness was from some unnamed member of our church who donated extra autumn squashes from their garden. The clients who came yesterday were so delighted to be able to get a fresh veggie. Our pantry is small, we only distribute non-perishables, so to see the joy on faces was heartwarming.

Today, I was able to give my mail carrier a bottle of cold water. She was so happy. She isn't feeling well, can't wait to finish her route and get home. She complained that she also had a sore throat. I was able to offer her several kinds of throat lozenges (a singer always has big supply!) and she was so excited because they were her favorite brand.
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AndiCas wrote: There is nothing quite like fresh veggies, and home grown is even more special.
Mish wrote: You are a busy doer of kind, gardengal!! Bless you.
splain wrote: Something about fresh veggies, it makes you feel so good even to just look at them. You are so full of kindness, as usual:))))
Rajni wrote: Trust God's plans for summer squashes or water of bottle and throat lozenges of favorite flavor. He never fails. Thank God He chooses the right instruments as well. Thanks for sharing little miracles.
kjoyw wrote: Such kindnesses!

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