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A Little Story, A Big Thank You

--by Jesusfreak, posted Aug 20, 2009

Let me tell you a little story...

One day a nice person wanted to make somone smile, so they thought about what they could do.  They decided to set up a website called "".

This website has made so many people smile and remember what it is like to give a random gift of kindness.

Now this may not  actually be how the story goes, but however, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to whoever started this site. It has reminded me and many others what life is really about!

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hotcocoa wrote: You are totally right!

Thanks for writing this, and thanks too to the ones who started the site!

God bless!
northernlights wrote: Thank you so much whoever started helpothers! I am sure it could bring a smile to anyone's face. Thank you for posting :)
iferlamb wrote: Amen!
elaine.erich wrote: Finding this site recently, I thought, 'There is good in the World after all' There are some caring people. Yes! As the saying goes, 'Like attracts Like' Well done to the people who do care about 'others'
anonimus wrote: yes this site puts a lot of smile on many people's faces..Thanks Jesusfreak for putting in such a lovely way..have a wonderful day..:-}:-}:-}
jaya wrote: very nice!!!
warmth wrote: oh yes it def brings a smile on my face and others too. And not only that. It brings out a lot of positivity and compassion in me.
I'd be lost without your site....I've made so many wonderfully kind and good spirited friends from around the WORLD...that would have only been a dream... NOW it's A Dream Come TRUE!!!!
High Five, and Big Kisses to all of you! ~Aurelia Jane
Thanks JesusFreak for this great Story.
JuneBug wrote: I thank God for finding this site too! I have met many WONDERFUL people from here and now I can't imagine life without them !!!! Thank you,Jesusfreak, for posting this !!! :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: This is great, thanks for posting it! Everything happens for a reason. I can honestly say this site has helped change my life, as have the people in it. Whenever I feel disappointed in the world, I know I can find sanctuary here among my kindness friends!

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