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What I Am Grateful For

--by Bluebell, posted Aug 11, 2009

I learned to count my blessings a long the time ago. I believe that if any one stops for a minute he/she will find something to be grateful for.


I am grateful for a great number of things but I am especially grateful for NOW, for this moment in time.


I am grateful for the lovely town where I live.  In this town the number of charity shops almost equals the number of “normal” shops.  There are charities for almost everything you can imagine. Even the primary schools are charity orientated, with the Parents and Teachers Association taking responsibility for raising money through parties, discos, fairs and other events in order to be able to buy things like interactive white boards or sports gear for the school football team.  I think my town is very kind and it is very easy to live here.  People smile at you a lot, they give you way, and there are a thousand other kind acts which are often difficult to find in big cities. So I feel very blessed to live in my town in spite of the very cold weather and the lack of a proper summer.


Obviously we have our problems but if we focus on the good things more good things will happen and kindness will just be a part of our lives naturally.


I’m also grateful and happy to find out that my daughter (now aged 7) has the seeds of kindness inside her from when she was young. People always found it difficult to understand why a 3 year old girl would give away her toys without even being asked to - just because she wanted to. Today we went shopping and she wanted to buy some cakes to give to a friend of mine that looks after her once in while. She said “Mummy I want to buy these cakes as a thank you present for Becky for looking after me”. That really made me smile.   I wish that whatever challenges life puts in front of her, that she may always keep her kindness.


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cabbage wrote: Dear bluebell,
Kudos to you and your daughter!

You are blessed in so many ways and i'm so glad your daughter is too :-)
Keep smiling :-)
Lots of love and hugs
Arlan wrote: In 30 days from now, starting september 11, 2009 the new question at a party will not be "what do you do for a living? " the new question will be "so what are you doing to make the world a better place? " or "what is your pif program? " in this area we all start out equal!
FairyBubbles wrote: I can feel your happiness bounce off of the page - and that makes me happy too!
grammagussie wrote: Living in appreciation for what you have and counting you blessings..Bluebell...Your my kind of
AURELIA wrote: That's so sweet. With you as her mom, how can she ever go bitter!!! :)
Savor all these wonderful moments and take thousands of photos... they grow up too fast! Hugs and SMILES, Aurelia
wayfarer wrote: Bluebell, I read your story and I just wanted to cheer! Go, you!!!!!
sethi wrote: Your daughteris pickingup your emotions
which you have unconsciously instilling into her. Thank you for being a loving
mother ..
TheakstonCat wrote: The blessings of the mother are bestowed on the daughter - you are kind, your daughter is kind, you live in a kind town and you play my favourite numbers game - counting your blessings! Here are lots of love and hugs and smiles to you and your lovely daughter! x o x o x :o) :o)
T.Cat x
SANYOGITA wrote: I have came across many parents on this website not only they are doing good deeds of kindness but also their little ones following the footsteps of their parents.I can see a bright future.A special Thanks to all those parents n future generation.
lmil1954 wrote: I LOVE this story. You and your daughter are a part of the Kindness Revolution in our world today! God bless you, dear friend!
Love, Linda:)

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