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A Utah Teacher Sets Up Unique Wedding Registry

--by AnnC, posted Sep 13, 2017

This wonderful story was on many of the U.S. National News stations today:

A Utah teacher set up a unique and loving wedding registry -- filled with items that are needed by her school's homeless families.

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ahmedhaddi90 wrote: إنها فكرة رائعة
Rajni wrote: When two kind hearts marry off spring is kindness too. They set beautiful example to society. Hope people getting married follow suit.

I have read about one agricultural college girl convinced her father to give 5000 mango plants to attendees of marriage in india.

One eye surgeon set up kiosk to register for eye donation when they transition.

One of my friend - a devotee of sai baba informed all guests at his house warming party that no gift shall enter this house and suggested to donate for some of sai service projects.

Many people donate for good cause in india on the occasion of their marriage.

I also decided at my son's wedding that during my visit to india, i will donate for good cause.

Ohiostreet wrote: That's cool
leoladyc728 wrote: really wonderful
AndiCas wrote: Really wonderful idea. A great way to start married life, with kindness to others.
melnotes wrote: Fantastic idea!
splain wrote: Isn't that gret
gardengal10 wrote: Saw this Wednesday night. I got tears watching the outpouring of gifts for others.
Mish wrote: Awesome!!
autumnsky38 wrote: Wow such a wonderful idea!

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