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Laundry mat Veggies

--by Danielle, posted May 31, 2006
I have a big veggie garden and every year i plant a little more than i can handle. It's something like my eyes are bigger than my appetite. I decided to take all of my excess veggies down to the laundry mat with a sign that read "free veggies". I guess that those who use the laundry may prbably rent places and might not be able to plant a garden. I did this all summer and each time when i went to collect the was empty!
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Tassilyn wrote: You've hit the ball out the park! Incedrlibe!
momgertner wrote: Nice thought. I am sure lots of folks loved the fresh veggies.
treeflower wrote: I like this! Good idea. That is nice of you to think of others.
Charlie wrote: What a lovely thing to do; i give out my extra veggies when i volunteer at a food distribution center/food closet
Oluwole wrote: That was superbly kind of you.
Randy wrote: That was a nice, kind thing to do.

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