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Trusting Us With His Expensive Trailer

--by AndiCas, posted Oct 15, 2017
This truck belongs to my friend, who was helping me move some stuff I'd bought, including the pile of hay bales in the trailer. The idea was to move the hay bales bit by bit in my car, but when we arrived to load up the other stuff, the man I was buying from suggested we borrow his trailer and take the whole lot in one go.

Thankfully my friend has a tow hitch and adequate license, and it took us one journey instead of multiple (plus a second to take it back). So incredibly grateful to that man, who had only met me once previously and never my friend, and trusted us to bring his expensive trailer back undamaged.

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Rajni Gohil wrote: Nice people attract nice people. Very simple math. Our eyes tell it all and your pure heart shined forth that your friend easily noticed. Thank god for sending right help at the right time.
littlegirdie wrote: Generous guy :))) safe travels
helpyyy wrote: Thank you! you are very kind
Mish wrote: Now that was awesomely kind of him 👍👍👍
Lilijourney wrote: What a lot of kindness and respect
mindyjourney wrote: Trust made a diffcult job sooo much easier :))).
DANCE wrote: Such great help
autumnsky38 wrote: That's great. 😊
leoladyc728 wrote: so glad he was there for you
kjoyw wrote: Wow! Why a great guy! Such kindness, especially when you needed it the most! How are you feeling, my friend!

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