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Delightful Encounter

--by gardengal10, posted Oct 30, 2017
One of our neighbors is helping to collect items for a friend and residents of an island stricken by the recent hurricanes. I was shopping today for items for this as well as for a Boy Scout in our community working on his Eagle Project.

While at the big box store, I became aware of a young mom with her toddler daughter. Mom was very engaged with her child as they shopped. I had to stop her to offer my appreciation for the fact that she was so engaged with her little girl. I know this is the way it should be, but I become so saddened when I see moms texting or talking on their cell phones and completely ignoring their children. I complimented her and told her wee one that she had the best mom ever. Mom said that I made her day, but truly, she made mine.
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Lilijourney wrote: This makes me smile oh so wide! I compliment parents who are engaged with their children,as well.
mindyjourney wrote: To notice, compliment on what we like brings more/similar into the world :)). Thank you for doing :))
Ohiostreet wrote: What a kind spirit you are
Rajni wrote: Very good deed indeed. In this technology driven life people forget/ignore humanness. Your beautiful heart shined brightly. Thanks for sharing.
Mish wrote: So glad to hear this, gardengal. So many are glued to their devices when with others. You done good there 👍
leoladyc728 wrote: I would have loved this too > You are so right I see many mothers ignoring their kids for their phones

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