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Soles from a Kind Soul

--by Mish, posted Oct 27, 2017
From The Love What Matters website:

So this guy comes in to buy a pair of shoes because his are literally falling off. Anyway his card wouldn’t work so he left.

15 minutes later he comes back in with a police officer and we’re like "Is there a problem officer?" The officer says, "No, there’s no problem...but if you still have those shoes I’d like to go ahead and buy them."

He and my co-workers split the cost of the shoes. There was no one else in the store and it wasn’t to “pretend” to care. Just a genuine act of kindness.

People are inherently kind! We just need to pay attention.

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kjoyw wrote: Beautiful, touching share! Brought tears. Thank you for this.
DoulaMelissa wrote: That is awesome! Thank you for sharing!
Marleen wrote: ❤😘😍😇
patjos wrote: Cool, thanks for the share
mindyjourney wrote: That's kindness doing it's job! :)))
savraj wrote: There is so much kindness in the world.
autumnsky38 wrote: Oh I love hearing about things like this!!
leoladyc728 wrote: so many wonderful stories out there

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