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A Helping Hand on Move-in Day

--by lilhappyme, posted Aug 19, 2009

I was staying with a friend of mine recently because my parents where out of town.  On one of the days, my friend and I went out on an activity day, which was lots of fun and I had the chance to meet a bunch of new people.

I was talking with a few guys, and during the course of the conversation, it came up that they where from a town that I was going to move to in just one week. One of the guys was very interested in when my family and I where moving and asked if we where going to have any help moving in. He insisted on getting my information so he could help out.  I thought that was quite funny but didn’t really give it much thought.  

Well, sure enough, he called me the day we were moving in, and when my family arrived, there was a big group of people outside our new house.  These people didn’t even know us and yet they were taking time out of their day to help a family move in!

Things like this really just shows my family and I that the kind things we do for others really can pay off in the long run or in this case pay forward.  I believe that what  you put out in the world always finds a way to get back to you! 

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Readers Comments

guddee wrote: I agree. If you intent to do good things in the world, you will find everything good in the world. Thanks for the great story.
Harriet wrote: In all of the muck, there are good people! Doing great things!
Minal wrote: Can u please suggest some nice names for a small organisation who want to help others!

Thanks a lot in advance
anthony rosairo wrote: People need people. We are made for that. If each one helps others the world will be the nicest place to live in- no war, no killing etc.
sethi wrote: Great story , thank you for sharing.
warmth wrote: yes abso agree with u, what u give comes back to u in some or the other. Its good that u look at things positively. :)
wayfarer wrote: Wow! Stuff like that is just Heaven on Earth as far as I'm concerned! Beautiful!
JuneBug wrote: That is so cool! I am sure you were thankful...I know how much of a chore moving can be! :)
lilhappyme wrote: Thank You all for all your sweet comments and smiles. my family and I where very thankful for all the help we received during a stressful move.
~Smiles and Laughter~
Modestobob wrote: lilhappyme you sound like a wonderful young lady. Some times I call these "Tender mercies" for they really are little gifts from God. Friends (and helpers) are so important. Especially when we move! :) Thanks for your story! :) ModestoBob

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