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My 29 Days of Giving Journey

--by Bluebell, posted Aug 22, 2009

I found a site in the internet about a "29 Days of Giving Challenge" which I decided to do.  The idea is the same as random acts of kindness, except that what you give can be anonymous or not.

I’ve been doing it for a while and it’s quite interesting because when you get to the end of the day, you think to yourself, “I gave this or I gave that today”.
Sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s more difficult.  I tend to try to give something significant. I don't mean significant in terms of monetary value but more in terms of making a difference to someone.
One of my gifts this weekend was the gift of patience.  My brother-in-law brought his two little ones aged 2 and 4 to spend the weekend with us.  As you can imagine my home was no longer mine - it was theirs. My home was turned completely up side down with clothes, toys and mess everywhere!
I could have chosen to get cross and feel miserable (wishing that Sunday goes by fast) and just wait for them to go so I could have my home back or I could practice the art of patience and ignore the whole thing. I chose the art of detachment and the art of patience towards the whole situation.
Additionally, I was even able to practice my RAOKs on the Saturday.  My brother-in-law asked for a football for the children.  I didn't have one so I had to go looking for one - to three stores - which did strech my patience a little bit more.  Along the way, however, I saw some street musicians so I gave them my change and a smile card ;-).
On Sunday, the weather was miserable but we wanted to take the children out.  We visited a city very close to ours, it was a good idea and the children had fun. On the way back we had to visit the toilets, (if you have small children you are probably familiar with the toilets ritual…) ;-).  This one was in a basement with no natural light and had an assistant working there. I thought about how sad it must be being stuck in a place like that on a Sunday afternoon, so on our way out, I gave him an envelope with enough cash for a coffee and a smile card. I hope I made him smile.

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Readers Comments

heartofflesh wrote: Bluebell Kudos to you!
You have changed your attitude instead of trying to change the behaviour of your brother-on-low's children (Not that it is possble)
I am inspired Blue bell by your giving!
hotcocoa wrote: Thanks for posting the link :)
Might try that out!
flowergirl wrote: what a ovely idea ,im going to try it ,thank you for sharing bluebell ,they are lucky children
AnjuDV wrote: This is so amazing. Me too is in my first round of the the 29 day challenge. I just love it. Prayers - Anju
Bluebell wrote: Thank you very much to all my dearest friends who commented another one of my kindness adventures. Love and Joy for all of you.
FairyBubbles wrote: Hey, I've just finished the 29 day challenge - I had a great time. Lots of fun.
onefish2fish wrote: I am in my first round of the 29 day challenge! I love it! ~Stacey
grammagussie wrote: I'll have to check that one out. Sounds rewarding.(the 29 day challenge) Thanks for being patient with the children. My husband has driven our children out of the house with his lack of patients. He just cant see it and I am working on trying to forgive him for it but it's
warmth wrote: bravo, ur gifting ritual has given me a lot of inspiration. Thank u very very much for sharing this experience. :)

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