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Another Day When I Didn't Have An Umbrella

--by brandimcline, posted Aug 21, 2009

I'm not exactly the most prepared person.  I'm always misplacing things - pencils, pens, my phone, sometimes even my purse.  I usually never remember to carry an umbrella - I normally just have to walk (or run if I’m in a hurry) in the rain. 

I was walking to class one day when suddenly a summer rainstorm started.  Somehow, on this occasion I actually happened to have an umbrella!  And this one was my favorite color too - hot pink!  So I smiled as I walked on in the sloshing rain, enjoying myself in my dry haven, thinking happily that “I've got it all together today”.  That's when I saw her.

She was walking near the admission office, she had a bag slung over her shoulder and some papers in her hand.  But, it's not any of that stuff that caught my eye - it was the beautiful baby girl she was holding in her arms who she was desperately trying to shield from the downpour.

Another day when I didn’t have an umbrella!  I proudly went to class with dripping hair and wet clothes. 

Some things are just more important.


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northernlights wrote: This is such a lovely story, thank you for sharing it. You are such an angel :)
FairyBubbles wrote: This is a beautiful story, you are an angel. Big hug.
grammagussie wrote: Ah...sweet story. Group
JuneBug wrote: Yes, I agree..a really good story! :)
AURELIA wrote: How very sweet and caring of you. That must have felt good to get a little wet for the sake of a little one. Thanks for sharing. :0) ~Aurelia
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a wonderful thing! Thanks for your kind and caring heart!

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