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Harp On This

--by SissyLee, posted Oct 31, 2017
Not so much smoke here this week so I made it to the nursing home with my harp. A lot of people were asleep that morning. I ended up playing for a sweet elder who was hugging a stuffed dog. She smiled and said yes, she liked harping. She would focus on my hands a lot and stare into space, jiggling her dog and petting him. She didn't sleep but kept looking into space and sometimes would smile at me. I asked her if she liked it. Oh yes. She said she would like it if I came back.

I next found my elder gentleman friend in his room. He is the one who usually wants some harp. He keeps his door shut and windows open. His room is peaceful and fresh. As usual, I played for a half hour that flew by. This man always shuts his eyes and drifts. He is a great listener. We both don't know where the time goes.

I had a surprise pleasure as well. I checked to see if my rather imperious woman was in her room, but she was out. However, she has a new roommate, who is a friend/patient of mine! While not on hospice, she is there to heal from an injury. So I found her in the dining room enjoying hot tea and was able to play a few pieces. Seeing her was a special delight. This person calls me "Turtle" as my practice is "Wise Turtle Acupuncture." She loves music and listens deeply, with great focus. I gave her a dove and she informed me that she wanted to make them, too. Perhaps I can show her how, next time.

When I was done, a woman who does cleaning there thanked me as she pushed her cart down the hall. She has thanked me before. Really warms my heart.

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janfour wrote: Such wonderful interactions - thanks
mindyjourney wrote: Your loving caring spirit just shines with every word/note/kindness you share! What a beauty filled connect you encourage :))). Blessings of healing for your friend ❤️
patjos wrote: You are amazing, and the thought of you playing your harp for folk just fills me up. Thanks :)))
ado wrote: Blessings to you for bringing your music and serenity to the people you play for. Thank you.
Mish wrote: Your presence adds so much love & light there. Bless ❤️✨
Annc wrote: This is so wonderful. Music is good for the soul!
AndiCas wrote: I'm glad to hear that the smoke has reduced this week. Hoping that fires are all extinguished completely soon. How nice for both of you that you met someone who know today. Another really lovely report to read. Thankyou
janfour wrote: just perfect - thanks for do it
leoladyc728 wrote: especially good day that you could play for your friend.
autumnsky38 wrote: Love you and your harp stories hon!! Plus I love this pic! Going to "steal it"!! lol

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