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Goodbye Tension Hello Compassion!

--by mnc_91, posted Nov 11, 2017
Yesterday was my 10th year in the office!

As a token of thanks to my colleagues, I gave away (through a raffle draw) 10 gift certificates for an hour massage.

Each gift certificate went with a smile card.

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Kixx wrote: Such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing.
michelelpurce wrote: Very nice! :)
John74 wrote: That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your joy with others! :-)
SissyLee wrote: That is great!
AndiCas wrote: What a lovely gesture. Congratulations on your anniversary!
DANCE wrote: Great
RoseMarie wrote: Very generous of you. Congratulations x
Novice50 wrote: What a great way to celebrate!
Marleen wrote: Nice gifts indeed. Congrats!!
splain wrote: What a really great thing to do for your colleagues

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