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You Keep Me Inspired to be Kind

--by mnc_91, posted Nov 6, 2017


Dropping by to say hello to all of you my KindSpring friends. For some time I was just peeping at your posts and stories to get myself some dose of kindness-vitamins.

Please know that you all inspire me to remember to leave a trail of kindness, a "kindprint "wherever I go... Thank you
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healingtree wrote: And thank ❤***you***❤ So glad you dropped by. Now you've inspired others!
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you x
raevienne wrote: mnc_91 definatly has! Thank you for sharing!! Lovely writing too!
michelelpurce wrote: We inspire each other. We are blessed. :)
lt33 wrote: Hi nice to hear from you welcome 😉
Mish wrote: Beautiful share by you, MNC ❤️ And love your "k-vitamins" :)))
mindyjourney wrote: thank YOU for being such a supporter of that K-vitamin :)). Good to hear from you!
splain wrote: lovely to hear from you.
leoladyc728 wrote: mega doses of K vitamins

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